Virtual Holiday Experience

It’s a tradition to ring in the season with holiday music and spend time with friends and family. This year is no different. We’ll still be playing music, but performing via a safe, virtual platform that is 100% LIVE, so we can still interact and have fun with our audience.

We all need something to look forward to and this is one way to help brighten up the season during this otherwise crazy year. We have a lot to be thankful for, and we need to celebrate that. Our VIRTUAL HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE 2020 honors the spirit of the season, while also helping to keep musicians and local businesses working. Peterson Music and Events has partnered with local companies to provide a VIRTUAL HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE 2020, complete with live music, and options for food delivery, beverages, celebrity appearances, décor, and a visit from Santa.

Celebrating the holidays this year will be, shall we say, unique. Peterson Music and Events has created a VIRTUAL HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE 2020 for you to continue your traditions with a virtual holiday celebration. We provide musicians playing live holiday music via Zoom or some other virtual platform, and other event enhancements delivered right to your door. We can also arrange for a special celebrity appearance to send a personalized holiday message to your guests. 

We also have the ability to include a gift from one of our partners when we deliver your meal.  Call us and we will customize your holiday party!


Remember, we can arrange food delivery, decor, beverages, and celebrity appearances.



Piano Violin 


Guitar Duet 
Guitar & Flute 
Guitar & Woodwinds 
Guitar & Bass 
Guitar & Violin 
Guitar & Piano 
Guitar & Marimba 
Guitar & Vibraphone 
Flute & Vibraphone 
Flute & Marimba 
Piano & Vocal 
Piano & Flute 
Piano & Woodwind 
Piano & Bass 
Piano & Violin 
Piano & Marimba 
Piano & Vibraphone 
Steeldrum Duet 
Upright Bass & Vibraphone 
Accordion & Woodwind 
Accordion & Violin 
Violin Duet 
Violin & Flute 
Violin & Cello 
Harp & Flute



Guitar, Flute & Piano 
Piano, Flute & Clarinet 
Woodwind Trio Violin, 
Flute & Cello Violin, 
Oboe & Cello 
Steeldrum Trio 
Jazz Trio 
String Trio 
Harp, Flute & Cello 
Harp, Violin & Cello 
Accordion Trio 
Harpsichord Trio 

Dickens Carolers Quartet 
Brass Quartet Accordion 
Quartet Steeldrum 
Quartet Jazz Quartet 
String Quartet                                                                               Flute & String Quartet                                                            

French Horn Quartet 

Quintets and larger 
Brass Quintet 
Woodwind Ensemble 
Jazz Quintet 
Handbell Choir 
Vocal Octet 
String Sextet 

Specialty Artists Dancing 
Dancing Christmas Tree 
Sugar Plum 


The Peterson family recently was inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame.  They are well known individually, but they have sold out The Guthrie, Hopkins Center for the Arts, and Dakota with their annual holiday show for over 30 years.  They are also available for private engagements during the season! Click the "request form" button on the left to inquire about hiring them.