VIRTUAL EVENTS/Graduations/Galas

In this era of COVID 19, we have seen our clients transition from live events to virtual events.

Our team has many years of experience creating streaming and on-demand events unique to your company, your brand, and your messaging. 


  • Event Production/Scheduling 
  • Scripting 
  • Location/Set Design 
  • Graphics 
  • Entertainment Integration 
  • Streaming Solutions
  • Content Creation 
  • Fundraising Integration 
  • Interactive Attendee Engagement 
  • Video Storytelling

Virtual Graduations

Graduation can still happen, complete with the educators announcing student names, video footage of every student receiving their diploma in their gown, student speakers, and safe for friends and family to attend, virtually.

Peterson Music and Events, a leader in live and virtual events in the Twin Cities can help you organize this incredibly important milestone, making it unique to your school and special to every student and family. 

Let Peterson Music and Events help you organize this!


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